Care of Consciousness

Care of Consciousness is about choosing wellbeing, happiness, and success in each moment of each day.

There have been many pioneers in this field, including, but not limited to, Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The paths to wellbeing and happiness are many. These include:

  • nutrition
  • meditation and awareness
  • integrating life meaning
  • regular body movement
  • acts of altruism
  • breathing
  • optimism
  • altruism and caring for others
  • creativity
  • being in the flow

I choose to call this overall purpose Care of Consciousness.


Describing Care of Consciousness

Dr. Wellman is an expert in care of consciousness through daily practice. After living in meditation retreats for 20 years, she completed her graduate coursework in psychology and industrial/organizational psychology—to research individuals in social contexts.

Care of Consciousness evolved from the practice of healing with narrative methods.

Care of Consciousness practice encourages journaling and poetry, artistic expression, creativity—all of which contribute threads to the weave and weft of the personal life tapestry. Care of Consciousness is a life of meaning. Through our thoughts, we act, we sow, and we reap results.

Dr. Wellman specializes in ongoing narrative development, helping people to consider their lives and make decisions about their thoughts and to make sense of our lives.

While studying narrative therapy with Michael White in the United States and Australia, Wellman found that her method of interviewing released jewels of value. After the interview process, these persons stated that they had new energy and self-acceptance. They proceeded in their lives more creatively and vibrantly.

Dr. Wellman partners Dr. Greiner and Ms. Lawlor, both experts in the field of dependency, codependency, and recreation of consciousness with care and gentleness.

Dr. Jay Greiner, a Ph.D. developmental psychologist, is an educator and health psychologist interested in biopsychosocial development over the lifespan. Dr. G’s essays and writings will appear in Care of Consciousness web pages. Dr. G’s Care of Consciousness speaks primarily to men, educating them about the benefits of positive psychology, overcoming codependence, providing tools and language for self-awareness, preparing them to engage more deeply in their solitude, in satisfying friendships, and intimate relationships from a position of innate wholeness.

Noreen Lawlor, a psychiatric nurse who works with families of those with chemical dependencies, has worked with hundreds of clients, both individually and in groups. Noreen has been a therapist to therapists and offers a return to hope, gentleness, and joy. She is a nationally recognized poetry therapist and artist.

Wellman’s focus is Self-care for Women. Women over 50 are frequently alone or being left alone. Wellman sees women over 40 as new women—whole, healthy and ready to discover new ways of being happy and successful. Some of these new ways are completely foreign. For some of these women, newness will feel like a comfortable fit.

Self-care for Women engages new women in a shift in consciousness from caring for others—or perhaps even seeking fulfillment from others—to being glad to be alive. Rather than trying to be like men, these new women are finding satisfaction in the emersion of being authentic and creative and gentle with themselves. This new state of being is encouraged. However, it requires time and wise attention. Care of Consciousness attempts to open a door that permits gentleness, restores physical fluidity, takes time for silence, and nurtures the Self in wise ways.

The purpose of Care of Consciousness website is to provide instruction, tools, and lessons to engage in new self-care thoughts and practices.

Self-care for Women reminds women to come to their own aid and to in invite vibrancy and light.

In deeper practice, one-on-one narrative work (by appointment), both men and women are invited to continue to learn to know themselves as constantly evolving and growing through expanding purpose. Online courses will be available for those who wish to enter into new awareness of how to use consciousness with care and wisdom.

I post regularly on the Care of Consciousness Community Facebook page.

Author: Dr. Wellman

I post regularly on the Care of Consciousness a Community in Facebook about happiness, success, and wellbeing. The paths to wellbeing through Care of Consciousness include caring for one's self and for others through gentle awareness and focussed creativity and physical activity. This includes care for the environment, care for one's own attitudes and thoughts, care for life story, care for organic foods, care for one's movements. Care of consciousness includes the latest neuroscience and psychology. I spent 18 years living in meditation centers and have visited people around the world who have practiced higher consciousness. I attained my degrees through traditional universities, studying with some of the finest people I have known.

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