Dr. Wellman’s Narrative Work

Dr. Wellman is an expert in care of consciousness through attunement to creative intelligence in the present moment.

During her time in meditation retreats for 20 years, Wellman discovered her aptitude for listening carefully and articulating for others what they wanted to say.

Many teachers were instrumental in assisting Wellman to develop meaningful skills that contributed to the well-being of others. These included energy awareness in the endocrine system, energy through dance, tonal awareness in overtone chanting, performing in ensembles and as a soloist of piano performance.

Dr. Wellman respects the body-mind-spirit connection and includes many sources of well-being, including mindfulness and meditation. As such it encourages practices of self-care to help sustain and support the individual through the stressors of life. These practices include laughter, breath, appropriate sleep habits, nutritional habits, and appropriate physical movement. Self-care through journaling, poetry, creativity and artistic expression has been found to enhance the enjoyment of life.

Dr. Wellman specializes in deconstructing and reconstructing narratives that we live by, helping people to consider their lives and to make sense of our lives. 

Wellman met Michael White by chance (nothing happens by chance, does it?) at a psychotherapy conference in Anaheim, 2005. While studying narrative therapy applications to trauma with White, Dr. Wellman discovered a meaningful tool for interviewing people to make sense of their life story.

These sessions released jewels of value. The interviews had permanent results of well-being and creativity. Some of the interviews fell flat. But persons who had a presenting concern stated that they had new energy and self-acceptance. They reported confidence and creativity took on vastly new dimensions.

Preparing for End of Life

An important application of narrative conversations is to integrate memories of a meaningful life.

A New Identify After a Break in Relationships 

A valuable application of narrative exploration is to find a new emergent identity following a change in relationships, such as a divorce or separation, a career change or loss, or after surgery or health diagnosis.

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