Welcome to Dr. Wellman‘s website on exploring narrative!

The overriding theme of this website is the power of narrative to inspire, connect, and transform. Attached to this theme is the meaning of life that we discover through various narratives.

In every life there is at least one story running the course of events and responses to those events. Stories often teach us how we should live.The stories we tell to each other can integrate us and have a powerful effect, says Dr. Jane Goodall. Perhaps our ability to tell stories is the last difference between human and nonhuman animals. Spiritual teachers have used narratives, legends, and parables to teach. We learn about who we are, who we have been, and who we can be through the stories embedded in our minds. We read books, watch movies, and even commercials to see and hear stories that organize ideas about the meaning of life.

From time to time I will write posts about the psychological power of narrative to influence and change our minds and to uncover the meaning of our lives. I look forward to reading your comments to posts.